Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

One of the artists that we are featuring this month is Jon Turner.  He is a veteran that uses art and poetry as a method of healing.  He is part of the Combat Paper Project, a program that uses military uniforms as a base in papermaking. 

"Most of the artwork is handmade paper using a combination of natural plant  fibers and military uniforms. The plant fibers most commonly used are hemp, sisel, kenaf, flax, abaca and cotton. The combat paper is made from four generations of my families uniforms. Generally, I'll pigment the fibers but a lot of times, with book making, the natural color will be used. My artwork is a direct reflection of my past, my memories, my thoughts and my dreams, I have sought out alternative methods of healing from the tragedies of war and am slowly making progress with papermaking and poetry."